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About us - HimaTech IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

HimaTech is a govt. registerd company and it has created a conductive development environment by providing latest infra structural facilities, professional training, a platform where open dialogs exist among the team members to exchange creative ideas, and employs polices which set opportunity for every employee to grow personally and get value of their efforts to give organization an edge. It was founded in 2015 with the aspire of delivering high excellence software products and services to the customers worldwide. HimaTech provides software development and support services to small and medium sized private enterprises and public sector organizations globally. We focus on defining, designing, developing, and supporting high quality, cost effective customized software that enable customers to accomplish their business requirements and attain or maintain their competitive market advantage. With the advent of modern technologies we also incorporate the customers with new application and ideas. HimaTech have well trained professional to develop software and meet the customer demand. At HimaTech, we understand how complex technology has become. You need to concentrate on your business, not on the IT that drives it. Our competency is in setting up product development, game development, software maintenance and independent software testing with a local project management team. Using our proven Project Management and mature development methodology we help emerging software leaders, bring superior products to market. We deliver business value beyond mere offshore advantages; increased quality, lowered costs, and faster turnaround times. Strengthened by a strong team of experienced professionals HimaTech has a unique approach towards continuous training and development of the new technologies to adapt to the market demands. HimaTech is incorporating new technology to further expand client base and continue to serve clients with a little more than utmost satisfaction.

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